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Stones River Town Centre - Murfreesboro, TN
Santa Visits

Visit Santa at the Stones River Town Centre, in Murfreesboro, TN. Santa visits are shown in time slots of 10 minutes, to allow some time for checking in and waiting. All photos are printed on site, and delivered at the time of your visit.

Capture the Magic of the Holidays: Visit Santa at Stones River Town Centre in Murfreesboro, TN


Are you searching for the perfect holiday destination that embodies the true spirit of the season while offering fantastic photo opportunities with Santa Claus? Look no further than Stones River Town Centre in Murfreesboro, TN. This enchanting shopping center is your gateway to a festive wonderland where you can create cherished memories with your loved ones. Here's why a visit to Santa at Stones River Town Centre is a must:

🎅 Meet Santa in Style:

Santa Claus, the jolly old man himself, takes up residence at Stones River Town Centre during the holiday season. His charming holiday village provides the perfect backdrop for heartwarming photos and magical moments with your family.


📸 Picture-Perfect Setting:

The decor at Stones River Town Centre is nothing short of a winter wonderland. From twinkling lights and sparkling ornaments to snowflakes and holiday greenery, the atmosphere is primed for stunning, Instagram-worthy photos with Santa.

🎁 Gifts and Surprises:

Santa loves surprises, and he's known to share some holiday cheer during your visit. Your little ones might receive small gifts or treats, making their experience with Santa even more magical.

🎄 Festive Fun for All Ages:

The holiday spirit isn't just limited to Santa's corner. Stones River Town Centre hosts various holiday events and activities throughout the season, including tree lighting ceremonies, live entertainment, and seasonal shopping.



👗 Holiday Shopping Extravaganza:

While you're there, take advantage of the excellent shopping opportunities. Find unique gifts, fashionable attire, and seasonal decorations to make your holiday season extra special.



🚗 Convenient Location:

Located in the heart of Murfreesboro, Stones River Town Centre is easily accessible, with ample parking, ensuring a hassle-free visit to Santa Claus.



🕒 Flexible Hours:

Santa's schedule is accommodating, with extended hours during the holiday season, making it convenient for families with busy schedules.

When you visit Santa at Stones River Town Centre in Murfreesboro, TN, you'll discover a magical world where the holiday spirit comes alive. From the enchanting decorations to the delightful surprises, it's a place where cherished memories are made and the joy of the season is palpable. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to create beautiful holiday memories with Santa Claus.

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